Vision & Mission


Motto :

Commitment, Compassion and Quality

Mission :

  • Empowering women towards economic, social, cultural, and educational self reliance.
  • Creation of right values (professional, moral and spiritual), attitudes and interests in the prospective teachers.
  • Equipping  prospective  teachers with technological,  interpersonal  and social development skills.

Vision :

  • To grow as a Center of Excellence in Teacher Education for women  through  continuous   pursuit   of   quality   by   nurturing   teachers   with   commitment, integrity, creativity and innovation.

Core Values :

  • Continuous pursuit for excellence.
  • Respect for social and cultural values
  • Commitment for values based education
  • Development of human resources in the service of nation
  • Nurturing integrity, creativity and academic freedom
  • Retaining willingness to experiment with new paradigms
  • Recognizing teaching as a unifying activity.

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