General Facilities



  • Extends wisdom, Shelters many a course and resource rooms
  • Seminar Hall: Ornate eloquence The spacious seminar hall is the platform of open forum.
  • Library: Provokes thought The college is proud of its digitized library which has more than 10,000 books on a range of subjects.
  • Physical Sciences Lab: Oscillates and accelerates the pace of work. A well equipped physical science lab offers plenty of scope for experimentation.
  • Biological Sciences Lab: Traces ancestry – Specimens here provide enough room for taxonomy.
  • Computer Lab: Information super Highway Equipped with 25 systems, CD-R/W, Printer and Scanner the computer lab takes us into the cyber-space
  • Audiology Lab: Hears and determines the degree of impairment
  • Psychology Lab: Probes the psyche The cozy room is the center of all psychological tests.
  • Social Studies & School Study Laboratory: Pivot and hub of the community. Maps, charts and models ,makes it a global village.
  • Cultural Studies Lab: Encultures and cuts across cultural barriers
  • Language Lab: Articulates CTE,AMS – LINKAGES

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