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College Activities from April 2016 to March 22nd 2017        


Teachers’ Day Celebration   9th Sep,2016

  • The Students of the College celebrated Teachers’ day on 9th Sep.2016 as 5th was a holiday. Prof DVR Vithal was the Chief Guest of the Occasion and he administered an oath to the Students. Prof M. Sulochana Chairperson and Prof K.S.Sunita Hon Secretary & Correspondent addressed the gathering and appreciated the Performances of the Pre-Service trainees. Dr.(Smt).S.Mary Jones Principal I/C in her message insisted on inculcation of Values .
  • On this Occasion Dr.K.Ratnakar Rao former faculty , along with Smt. Suhasini Baone ( who was to retire on 30th Sep,2016) were Felicitated.
  • The Pre- Service trainees entertained the Guests with a colourful Cultural Program and felicitated the Guests.
  • The Trainees of each of the four programs felicitated their own staff. The Program concluded with a Vote of thanks.

Press Meet – 17th, Sep, 2016

  • A Press Meet was held on 17th,Sep,2016 . The Hon Secretary & Correspondent Prof. K.S. Sunita Dr.Smt.S.Mary Jones the ECE faculty Smt.L.Jalaja & Smt. Suhasini. A.Baone conducted the meet. under the Chairmanship of the Hon Secretary & Correspondent
  • The Press was represented by representatives of Hindu, Sakshi and Prajashakti Papers to Propagate the Significance of Early Child Hood Education.


 Gandhi Jayanthi – 2nd October 2016

  • Gandhi Jayanthi was observed solemnly as a Common Program by all Units of Durga Bai DeshMukh Mahila Sabha on 2nd ,Oct, 2016. Smt Usha Reddy  Vice President Central Office Presided over the Ceremony. Late Prof DVR Vithal the former Chairman of Ghandhi Bhavan organized the Program.  The Students of B.Ed  I year performed a Skit on the Indian Freedom Struggle. They were ably  guided by the Secretary Prof K.S.Sunita, Dr.S.Mary Jones Smt.C.Subha Venugopal, & Dr .G.Indira.
  • The Students of  B.Ed  I year received appreciation from  Late Prof DVR Vithal and a memento for best performance. C.Ramchand G.High School enacted a skit on LalBhadur Shastri. Incidentally Oct 2nd also happens to be LalBhadur’s Birth Day.
  • Dr. K.S.Bhatt former Regional Director of  Council For Social Development(CSD) an Institution founded by the Desh Mukh’s went down the Memory lane and spoke  about Dr.C.D. DeshMukh. Incidentally Oct 2nd also happens to be his birthday.

ECCE Convocation- 3rd October 2016

  • The convocation for the II Batch students of ECCE  was held on 3rd ,Oct,2016.The Chairperson Prof.M.Sulochana, chaired the Convocation. The Sec& Correspondent of the College  Prof K.S.Sunita in her message appreciated the Achievers. Dr.(Smt) Mary Jones principal I/C spoke on the Mile Stones of the College. Dr.T.Sudha Director Delhi Public School & Pallavi e com Management Services gave a brief note on the Practicum while Smt.L.Jalaja Course In Charge spoke about the contents of the Modules. The Students in their reflections were full of appreciation for the Course and the Faculty, Smt.Suhasini A.Baone of ECE Course  rendered the Vote of thanks.

   Sports Day-27th October 2016

  • Sports Day was conducted on 27th October. The students of P.G. Diploma in ECE participated in different indoor and outdoor games  in connection with Sports Day. 2016. Prof. M. Sulochana,   Prof K.S.Sunita and  Dr. S Mary Jones distributed the prizes and congratulated the Prize winners.

Inauguration of Courses-7th November 2016

  • Inauguration of 2016-2018 M.Ed, B.Ed , B,Ed  Spl (H.I) ,P.G.Dip In ECE was conducted on 7th November 2016. The Chairperson Prof M. Sulochana Chaired the Inaugural Program . The Program commenced with  the Lighting of the Lamp & it was followed by a Prayer Song. Dr.S. Mary Jones Principal I/c spoke about the College and welcomed the New Students. The Staff introduced themselves.

National Education Day-11th, Nov, 2016

  • National Education Day: NCTE declared Moulana Abdul Kalam’s Birthday 11th, Nov, 2016 as National Education Day & requested Teacher Education colleges to celebrate it in their Institutions. The National Education Day was celebrated in the College on 16th , Nov,2016.On this Occasion, Elocution, Essay writing and Poster Making Competions were conducted & Prizes were declared. The program was artistically anchored by Ms.Cecilia of M.E d & Ms.J.Sri Katyayani of B.Ed (G) Many students spoke on the Importance of Education, The Celebration was marked by a number of Cultural Programs. The Prize Winners of various Competitions were congratulated. A number of Slogans were prepared & Showcased by the Students. . The Secretary of the College Prof.K.S.Sunita & Principal I/C Dr.(Smt) S.Mary Jones gave their Valuable Messages. The Program concluded with a Vote of thanks followed by the National anthem.

Communal Harmony Day 25th Nov 2016

  • The Communal Harmony week was observed in the college from 19th to 25th,  November,2016. In this context Essay writing competitions and Elocution competitions were Held.  The students of the college sold flags and the amount was sent as a DD to the Commissioner, Communal Harmony, New Delhi. The week long observations culminated with a Rally by students.

                                                DECEMBER, 2016

 World Disability week 3rd to 10th December

  • The world disability week is observed from 3rd to 10th December every year. In this occasion a guest lecture was arranged on 3rd December 2016 at 11 A.M.  Mr. Ch. Sandeep, Audiologist,  delivered a lecture on “ Care and Maintenance of the EAR”. The students of all the courses not only  attended  the lecture but also participated in the discussions.  The  college conducted  Drawing competition  to deaf children studying in DDVTRC ( special School) and handed over prizes to the concerned teachers. 

 Human Rights  Day-10th December 2016

  • Human Rights  Day: The World Human Rights Day was  observed on 10th December 2016.Smt. Lakshmi Principal of College of law for women DDMS delivered a lecture on Human Rights .A number of competitions were conducted on this occasion. The secretary of the college  Prof.K.S.Sunita and Principal I/C Dr.S.Mary Jones delivered their valuable messages.

New Year celebration-31st Dec 2016

  • The staff and students along with  the Chairperson and Secretary  ushered the new year 2017 with song and dance numbers. In this context the Chairperson Prof. M.Sulochana, Secretary Prof. K.S.Sunita and Principal I/C   bestowed their greetings . A cake was cut to usher the New Year.


 Board of Studies Meeting B.Ed. Spl H.I- 10th January 2017

  • The Board of Studies Meeting for B.Ed. Spl H.I  was convened on 10th January 2017 at 11 A.M. in the Conference Hall.  The changes made in  B.Ed. Spl H.I Syllabus  were discussed in the meeting . The members suggested to incorporate certain topics in the curriculum.
  • The Panel of examiners was also presented for   approval.  Members of the committee added few names as examiners.  The minutes were circulated after incorporating the suggestions

Guest Lecture on “Good Teaching in Action”  6th Jan ,2017

Dr. Rama Krishna Adury, Advisor of International Schools delivered a lecture on “Good Teaching in Action” on 6th Jan ,2017. The students of all the courses attended the lecture . He emphasized the need of Commitment, Communication, Leadership Qualities , Team work and Professional development of teachers.

Republic Day celebrations- 26h, of January 2017

  • The College of Teacher Education DDMS was entrusted with the duty of Organizing the Republic day Celebrations on the 26h, of January 2017. Prof. V.Sudhakar, Dean Dept of Education was the Chief Guest of the Occasion. Dr. S. Mary Jones introduced the Chief Guest to the gathering.  The M.Ed Students of the College Performed a stunning Dance Performance & a Meddly on Patriotic songs. All the organizations under the Umbrella of DDMS participated  in the Celebration

Job Mela -28-1-2017

  • The  College of Teacher Education organized a Job  Mela for 2016-2017 batch students and alumna of the College  on 28-1-2017 at CTE  college campus  from 11.00 A.M to 4.30 P.M . The students of B.Ed,(G), M.Ed , B.Ed.Spl. Edn.(H.I) , Post graduate  Diploma in Early Childhood Education  and  ECCE  courses attended the Job Mela.
  • A lot of  spade work  was done before organizing the Job Mela. Schools from Hyderabad and Secunderabad were  contacted &informed through mail, phone and through direct contacts. Most of the private and International schools participated in the  Job Mela.  A total  of 16 schools participated in the Job Mela. 97 students from different courses  of the college attended the important event.

In the preliminary  round all the schools scrutinized the students , short listed and called them for demonstration . the results are awaiting . The  Chairman of CTE DDMS , Prof. M.Sulochana, Secretary  CTE,DDMS  Prof. K.S.Sunita and Principal I/c Dr.S.Mary Jones constantly encouraged and supported the smooth organization of the event. Mrs. Suhasini A Baone Mrs. L.Jalaja and  Mrs. A.Supriya, put in their best efforts as  members of the Placement cell.  The event was covered by the  press.

 Intercollegiate Sports Competitions – 31st of January 2017

  • College of Teacher Education, DDMS organized a one day Campus Institute’s tournaments on 31st of January 2017 from 11 .A.M to 5.00 P.M. Competitions were conducted in Chess, Caroms  throw ball Tennykoit and Badminton. Students  from school of Informatics ,Arts and Science college and College of Teacher Education, DDMS participated in various Indoor and Outdoor games. Students participated very enthusiastically and Prize winners were awarded Mementoes and certificates by Prof. M.Sulochana  Chairperson, CTE DDMS, Prof. K.S.Sunita, Secretary & Correspondent CTEDDMS, & Dr. S.Mary Jones , Principal I/c the Faculty of ECE Mrs. L.Jalaja and Mrs. Suhasini Baone were In charges of  the event. 


Medical Camp- 10th Feb, 2017   

  • As part of Student Support & Progression the college conducts Free Medical Camp every year to have an insight into,& promote student Health of the college.  This year a free Medical camp was conducted on the  10th of February 2017. A panel of three Doctors from Dr.Smt.Durgabai Deshmukh Sabha Hospital  including a Gynecologist attended the Camp, along with Four nursing students from  DDMS Nursing College, they were ably assisted by Para Medical Staff of the hospital. The Students of the four Courses offered by the college attended the Medical camp. Blood samples were collected from the Students & staff of the college and the reports of  their Blood Groups were in turn  handed over to them. The Hon Secretary & Correspondent of the College  Prof.K,S.Sunita & Dr. (Smt.)S. Mary Jones the Principal I/c of the college conducted the Programme.

Board of studies Meeting -B.Ed (Reg.)

  • The Board of Studies Meeting of B.Ed. (Reg) was convened on 27th, February,2017 at 2.00 P.M in the Conference Hall of the College. The changes in the Syllabus were discussed in the meeting. The members of the staff   suggested   the topics to be incorporated in the curriculum.
  • A Panel of list of examiners was presented for   approval of the Members of the Board.  Members of the committee added   few more names to the existing list of examiners.  The minutes were circulated after incorporating the suggestions

National Science Day -28th Feb, 2017

  • National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28th of February every year to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian Physicist Sir. Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman (C. V. Raman). Dr.C.V Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize in the year 1930, for his discovery in the field of Physics.

National science day was celebrated in the college on 28th February,2017 . The staff members and students of all the courses  attended the programme. The programme  started with an introductory speech about National Science day. In this context, students of B.Ed II year presented information about  various advancements and recent researches related to science. The students presented various  facts of science and spoke about contributions of Sir.  C.V Raman. At the end of the programme Dr.S.Mary Jones Principal I/c  congratulated the students for their active participation. She also congratulated the staff who encouraged and guided the students.

MARCH, 2017

International Women’s Day 2017

  • The International Women’s day was celebrated in the college with great aplomb, on the 9th of March 2017. In this context Essay writing and Elocution competitions were conducted both in English & Telugu on the 6th of March 2017. Thirty six students from the four courses participated in the essay writing competition. The prizes were awarded to the winners. Prof.M.Sulochana Chair person, CTE, DDMS, Prof. K.S.Sunita , Secretary & Correspondent CTE DDMS, & Dr. S. Mary Jones , Principal I/c gave insightful messages. The Programme comprised of Cultural events & a Ramp walk by the students of the college. 

     APRIL, 2016

Gandhi Bhavan Program- 29th April, 2016  to 22nd March, 2017 

It is the Practice of the College to Observe Gandhi Bhavan Program on every


  • The  students of all the courses observed a common Gandhi Bhavan Programme on  29th April 2016.
  • The  students of M.Ed.  conducted  Gandhi Bhavan Programme on  29thApril 2016.
    • The students gave an insight into Gandhi’s life through a Skit, Dance bhajans and Auto Biographical reading. The Program Concluded with Ramdhun.

Gandhi Bhavan Program- 23rd ,Sep, 2016

  • The Future Teacher Educators and the present  Students of M.Ed II year observed the Gandhi Bhavan Program on 23rd,Sep,2016 .Prof D.V.R. Vithal former Chairman of Gandhi Bhavan along with Prof M.Sulochana Chair Person CTE DDMS, Prof K.S.Sunita Hon Secretary & Correspondent, Dr.(Smt) S.Mary Jones Principal I/C addressed the students with their valuable message.
  • The students gave an insight into Gandhi’s life through a skit,Dance bhajans and Auto Biographical reading. The Program Concluded with Ramdhun.

   Gandhi Bhavan Program- 28th,Oct,2016

  • The B.Ed (G) II year students gave an electrifying performance on Friday  28th,Oct,2016. The event was marked with songs,dance numbers ,Skit,Autobiographical readings&Important Quotes of Gandhi.The ChairPerson, Secretary and Principal delivered meaningful messages.
  • Late Prof DVR Vithal’s daughter Smt.Janaki  & grand Daughter  not only attended the Program but also addressed the gathering with a message.She  donated Rs 200 to Gandhi Bhavan fund. The Program concluded with Ramdhun.


Gandhi Bhavan Program- 25th November, 2016

  • The PGDECE students observed the Gandhi Bhavan Program on 25th November, 2016.
  • Prof M.Sulochana Chair Person CTE DDMS, Prof K.S.Sunita Hon Secretary & Correspondent, Dr.(Smt) S.Mary Jones Principal I/C addressed the students with their valuable message
  • The students gave an insight into Gandhi’s life through a skit, Dance bhajans and Auto Biographical reading. The Program Concluded with Ramdhun.
  • Gandhi Bhavan Programme – 23rd Dec, 2016
  • The M.Ed. second year students observed Gandhi Bhavan Programme on 23rd December with   great passion.. The observation comprised of autobiographical readings, skit, dances and  Bhajan. The Chairperson of the College Prof. M.Sulochana addressed the gathering with inclination

Gandhi Bhavan Programme- 27th Jan, 2017

  • The B.Ed spl HI students observed Gandhi Bhavan Programme on 27/01//2017 with   great passion. The observation comprised of autobiographical readings, skit, dances and  Bhajan. The Prof. Sunita, Secretary and Dr. S. Mary Jones PrincipalI/c addressed the gathering with inclination.

Faculty Meet – 25th Nov, 2016  to 7th February 2017:

Faculty meets are held to enhance their knowledge in various areas

The staff presented their views

Dr.G. Indira and Mrs. D. Swarnavani Presented their views on the following topics

  • Dr. Indira: Anger Management
  • Mrs. D. Swarnavani : Dialogic Teaching

Faculty Meet, 6th Dec, 2016

Dr. S. Mary Jones and Dr. Krishna Reddy Presented their views on the following topics

  • Dr. S. Mary Jones :   “Burnout Syndrome- coping with Teacher Burnout”
  • Dr. Krishna Reddy :  Saakshat Bharat

Faculty Meet -17th Dec, 2016

Mrs. Subha Venugopal  and Mrs. Supriya Presented their views on the following topics

  • Mrs. Subha Venugopal :     Pedagogy of Tourism
  • Mrs. Supriya :     Telangana and It’s features

Faculty Meet- 5th Jan,2017

Mrs. Malathi Rao and Mrs. Suhasini Baone Presented their views on the following topics

  • Mrs. Malathi Rao :     Science ,Technology and Society
  • Mrs. Suhasini Baone:  Self Management : A Holistic Approach

Faculty Meet- 23rd Jan, 2017

Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi and Mrs. Jalaja Presented their views on the following topics

  • Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi :     Inclusive Education
  • Mrs. Jalaja :     Teaching at a Right Level

Faculty Meet- 7Th February , 2017

Mrs. T. Kala Rani  and Mrs. B. Rose Presented their views on the following topics

  • Mrs. T. Kala Rani :  Shakespeare’s seven Ages of Man
  • Mrs. B. Rose : Telangana Poetess


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