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Our Founder

Dr.(Smt).Durgabai Deshmukh, the ‘Crown Jewel of A.P.’ hailed as the ‘Mother of Social Service in India’ was the founder of ANDHRA MAHILA SABHA a unique voluntary organization in the World’s voluntary sector, with more than 50 units working for the cause of women – their empowerment ,education, health, disability, rehabilitation, legal aid,old age support & informatics.

She is a multi faceted personality-freedom fighter, social woprker, educationist, administrator, dynamic leader, prolific writer, institution builder, commited worker and above all a humanist.

Dr.(Smt).Durgabai Deshmukh was a women of strong conviction and buoyant optimism.

A women of simple living and high thinking responding to the felt needs of the society starting new institutions from time to time, sacrificing everything she continued her journey from the 1909 to 1981 leaving AMS with the rich legacy of the eternal values cherished by one and all.

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